No Where but here by Katie Mcgarry


So recently got my hand on the new Katie Mcgarry book No Where but here. Which I do own mostly all her books and ebooks that are out now. So this book tells a story about a girl name Emily, She has this perfect life going on for her, good grade, good friends, and safe neighborhood. After a bad start to summer she reluctantly spend the summer with her biological father. There we meet Oz, this bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Turns out he is some motorcycle gang. Turns out when their worlds collide, some hidden family secrets come out.

So the book start out with Emily ready to start summer vacation, then a death happens to a family member that she never knew about. So she sent out to go to the funeral alone with her dad, which he made her to go. Turns out it was a misunderstanding and Emily got stuck in the middle of a family drama on her mother side. In the meantime we get to know Oz, this sexy man from a motorcycle gang, the first time he lays eyes on Emily he knew she was nothing, but trouble. As they start to grow close together, the are dealing with a gang war, secrets from Emily mother past comes to light. Can their love survive the chaos that lies a head..

This book has about a little of everything in it. There so many twist and turns in the books, it would be very hard to put down. The chemistry between Emily and Oz has you edge on your seat the whole time. In the middle of everything you keep guessing what Emily’s real mother past was throughout the books. So can their love withstand at all with all these secrets coming out at the end? Or their love is doom from the starts? Well pick up the book and find your yourself.

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