Month in Review for September


So this is my first month in review ever. Been so busy reading and working. Lately finish up sword art online anime series, such a sad ending. Also catching up on Once upon a time before the season starts. There tons of books I am right now in the middle of this month and lots of new ones coming out also.

Here are the book I wish to own this month and coming out this September.


This is a list of book I plan to read this month and own. Going to start with a Queen of Shadows book this week. Which I had the honor to meet Sarah J Maas again..


Next finish up two stand alone books on my nook.


This year gonna try and finish up the Sookie Steakhouse books series. Then start my readathon with the Cinder series before Winter comes out in November. Hope You guys enjoy this post. I am not that popular but love to try to keep this updated as much as I can with my fans. Don’t even know who reads this blog. Hope there are some books you guys looking forward to this month. Happy Reading!

True bloodCinder

3 thoughts on “Month in Review for September”

  1. Awesome did you know that Marisa Meyes is going to be signing in Nov 11 at one of the Barnes & Nobles in NYC. Can’t wait to go.


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