I’M Back

So been kinda away from this blog for months. Lots of stuff just came up and have yet updated. Been dealing with personal issues for months, then gotten sick badly. Enough of the depressing details. Been reading so much good books lately I will reviewed later this weekend. Right now got lots of signing events coming up as well. Heading to Rochester, NY next weekend with a friend. Then tour the city of NYC with a group of friends. Hope to squeeze in some reading during that time. Tons of new books came out this month to dive into. As of now don’t have anyone to help with graphics designs or banners for my blog so deal with being simple for now. To those who really read this thing.  As below the picture if what I am reading mostly this month. More if I buys some more books. Just trying my best to get back with this simple blog I have here. So wishing everyone, Happy Reading….



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