My Hobbies


So today we to get know me in this blog. Beside reading their are lots of stuff I enjoy doing. So for my readers will doing a post to get to know me better. See that picture that me, Jen. So this is about my hobbies. Beside reading there is more to me then that. Will try to be active as much as I can. My co-Blogger is Bella. You will see lots of her . bella2

My other things I love to do with play video games. Like role playing ones, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Not only that I been collecting books but also Lego dimensions stuff for the game. Also got my first pop Funko this week.


My other hobby is also starbucks at barnes and nobles at Neshaminy Mall. They have the best muffins and books there. There  every weekend just about. My second home.

I do watch TV in my spear time when I am not lost in a book. Mostly watch the superhero shows, once upon a time and a little bit anime. My favorite anime ever has to be Sailor Moon. So this is my hobbies I do enjoy during my times I don’t get nose stuck in a book. Bear with me while I am still trying to get a hang on things. Hope you guy have an awesome day and Happy Reading to everyone! Sailormoon

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