Return to the Isle of the Lost (Descendants #2) by Melissa de la Cruz

Bella 11

Book Summary:

There’s no place like home. Especially if home is the infamous Isle of the Lost. Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay haven’t exactly turned their villainous noses up at the comforts of Auradon after spending their childhoods banished on the Isle. After all, meeting princes and starring on the Tourney team aren’t nearly as terrible as Mal and her friends once thought they would be.

But when they receive a mysterious invitation to return to the Isle, Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay can’t help feeling comfortable in their old hood—and their old ways. Not everything is how they left it, though, and when they discover a dark mystery at the Ise’s core, they’ll have to combine all of their talents in order to save the kingdom.

My Review: 

The book starts off where the villains kid Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay living the good life in Auradon after Mal had defeated her mother in the movie. Evie is head of fashion, Carlos and Jay love playing sports and Mal just doing her thing and still dating who  Ben been busy running the kingdom while his parents are away. Everything seems peaceful in the land of Auradon, until weird each quakes start happening and the weather stated acting up. Then each villain kid get a strange message to return to Isle of the Lost  from a person that start will M. Everyone starts to worry that Maleficent had broken out of her lizard prison to seek revenge. When the kids return to Isle of the lost things are not what they seem and there the case of Carlos, Evie and Jay missing parents. Will they find out the truth soon before all of Auradon get destroy? This book is packed with action and fun. So get ready to dive back into the world of Disney Descendants to see how it will all go down. Remember Happy Reading!

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