Week Of Signing Events


                    Empire of Storms Launch/ Signing Event

So my bookstore had it first ever midnight release party to Sarah J. Mass book Empire of the Storms. Mostly around 40 people show up and got their wristband early  for signing event next day. We play games, talked and had fun night until the book came out. Also they had starbucks open throughout the event. Which I thought was cool. But the highlight of the midnight release was an surprise guest showed up, Sarah J. Mass herself and even let everyone take pictures of her that night.



The day of the event was fun. Even if I was third row and sitting behind three very tall girls. can’t see a thing.  One turns out to be author Julie Eshbaugh, of Ivory and Bone book that came out this year. Did learn tons at the signing event. Love how people try to spoil Empire of Storms and Sarah is always saying read the book. Everyone already know Thorne of Glass being made into a tv series on hulu. Plus a court of Thorn and Roses may be getting an squeal series and movie deal. Just have to see if the rumors Sarah told us at the events are true. Also found out her youngest reader at the event is 11 years old, crazy right?! Sarah also mention never leaving the throne of glass world, will never finish the book next year and leave us in limbo with this last book, no worries she was only joking around or maybe she telling the truth. We see see next year ~evil laughs~  Her hubby was awesome stamping books for her. Here the pictures of my sign books. Hope you enjoy for those who could not make it to event. signing9

                        Renee Ahdieh And Sabaa Tahir


So was nicely drag out of bed at 5 am and arrive at noon to Mcnally Jackson bookstore and camp out until 7 pm for Renee and Sabaa authors. It was worth seeing these two together. Even if I have not read any Renee books I still brought them for signing. Will read them this month. These two were so fun last night and gaveway alot nice gifts, sadly won nothing. So found out Ember of the ashes might be movie soon, sadly the third book won’t be out until 2018!! Why Sabaa?!?! Still love her books and her. She is such a fun and shy person like me it turns out. Renee is pretty cool. Her new book A flame and the mist coming out next year and its kinda like the Disney movie Mulan theme. Which I love that movie. Seriously got to get the ball going and dive into Renee books and rereads Sabaa books again to tie me over. When you get these two together you will laugh your head off. So yeah if you have yet read any of these books I suggest you now right now!. Stop reading my blog and go out there and read! Leaving out with Bella with my sign books again. So Happy Friday and Happy Reading!!


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