Nemesis (Nemesis #1) by Anna Banks


Book Summary: 

The princess didn’t expect to fall in love–with her nemesis.

Princess Sepora of Serubel is the last Forger in all the five kingdoms. The spectorium she creates provides energy for all, but now her father has found a way to weaponize it, and his intentions to incite war force her to flee from his grasp. She escapes across enemy lines into the kingdom of Theoria, but her plans to hide are thwarted when she is captured and placed in the young king’s servitude.

Tarik has just taken over rulership of Theoria, and must now face a new plague sweeping through his kingdom and killing his citizens. The last thing he needs is a troublesome servant vying for his attention. But mistress Sepora will not be ignored. When the two finally meet face-to-face, they form an unlikely bond that complicates life in ways neither of them could have imagined.

Sepora’s gift could save Tarik’s kingdom from the Quiet Plague. But should she trust her growing feelings for her nemesis, or should she hide her gifts at all costs? 


My Review:

Sepora the last forger in all five kingdom is on the run. Feeling she been trip hiding inside these castle walls she looks for freedom elsewhere. Later she does not know she would have been capture and sold in her enemy territory as  life of servitude for the young king prince. She must keep her identity a secret and her gift also at all cost. Meanwhile Tarki the young prince, dealing with his own problems within his kingdom walls. An deadly plague has broken out, killing mostly half his people then have to deal with his new out spoken servant, Sepora. Little does he know that she might be the key into saving his kingdom. Slowly an war and brewing between both kingdoms. Will Sepora get caught in the cross fire and expose her secrets to her enemy? Will there be enough people let to defend that kingdom after the plague? Well you will need to read this book yourself to find out. This is one action pack book, with deadly secrets and maybe an love story in there. So step into Sepora world and see if she make it out alive in the end. So Happy Reading!

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