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{Waiting on Wednesday} Secret of Souls (Age of Endings) by Aubrie L. Nixon


Book Summary:

After witnessing something dark and strange on a routine mission, Zephera Travelle– a nineteen-year-old assassin with a weakness for braided cinnamon bread and an affinity for murder–is thrust on a seemingly impossible quest to save her world.

Teaming up with her best friend and three warriors with flexible morals, she starts her journey on a search for a woman called “The First.” As a 500-year old cycle is about to start anew, creatures from The Lands of Somber have begun to invade, bringing with them a dark and deadly plague called The Decay. Zephera realizes that there may be more to this mission than simply finding “The First.”

She comes to realize that everyone in her life may not be quite what they seem, as more about the curse that separated their realms is revealed. She soon discovers The Lands of Somber might not be so evil after all, and perhaps it is her realm that is filled with Darkness. She holds the lit match and must choose whether to resurrect the world, or help it burn. (less)

Published 2017 by Shadow Wolf Press
Edition Language
My take on this:
 Got to say I am in love with the covers and the summary to this book. It comes out in the fall for new author Aubrie Nixon. You can get her arcs at book con/bea this years for those attending. A new fantasy novel I can’t wait to dive and read someday. If you have yet of this author I suggest you put this on your tbr on goodreads now. In meantime Happy Reading!

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