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BookCon 2017

So weekend I got a chance to hang out with some book nerd and score some free books. Mostly of the time been waiting in line scoring some books and chatting it up with fellow book nerds. Despite penguin house crowd control a mess I did met some authors and got books sign. Here are some authors I did meet…



I did bump into another author but did not get a picture with. At first had no idea she was a author. I was a dumb and ask her if she was V.E Schwab and then we got to talking and will be seeing her again for another signing event at my local book store. Which I am so happy to go to. It was crazy getting Wonder Woman and Warcross arcs. The crowd control and the guards did they best but I could not even score a ticket to it. By the end of the day I luck out with someone who had an extra Warcross and we traded books. So happy to get my Warcross and is being lend Wonder Woman arc. Hardly brought any books and everything just got for free. Lots of totes was very helpful and being VIP was useful. Hope everyone had a good time at book con. If you made out with hardly not much or not what you wanted, don’t be upset. You got to experience meeting new people and checking out new books you never read before. Remember whatever arcs you get please do not sell them on ebay. They are not not meant to be sold. Also if you love the book arc so much buy the book when it comes out buy it to help make the author a profit. They did to make a living also. So Happy Reading! 18882278_1546095502131855_951462488690075756_n

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  1. I must have seen you at some point and didn’t know! I was there near the Lumberjanes drop and I missed the line for Amanda Foody…I was there with a gray Instax camera around my neck. Next time we will have to meet up!

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