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This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

Book Summary:

Catarina Agatta is a hacker. She can cripple mainframes and crash through firewalls, but that’s not what makes her special. In Cat’s world, people are implanted with technology to recode their DNA, allowing them to change their bodies in any way they want. And Cat happens to be a gene-hacking genius.

That’s no surprise, since Cat’s father is Dr. Lachlan Agatta, a legendary geneticist who may be the last hope for defeating a plague that has brought humanity to the brink of extinction. But during the outbreak, Lachlan was kidnapped by a shadowy organization called Cartaxus, leaving Cat to survive the last two years on her own.

When a Cartaxus soldier, Cole, arrives with news that her father has been killed, Cat’s instincts tell her it’s just another Cartaxus lie. But Cole also brings a message: before Lachlan died, he managed to create a vaccine, and Cole needs Cat’s help to release it and save the human race.

Now Cat must decide who she can trust: The soldier with secrets of his own? The father who made her promise to hide from Cartaxus at all costs? In a world where nature itself can be rewritten, how much can she even trust herself?

My Review:

It’s the end of the world!! Well in this book the world has ended, when an deadly outbreak happens. This book has everything for an horror fan like myself to love. The gore level in this book is very high. You got people eating the infected to stay alive, lots killing and deaths. The faith of the human race rest on the hand of Catarina. Catarina is an pretty cool person. She is very brave and smart person. When Cole shows up with new of her father death things change for her. Secrets of her father been kept from her over the years, like the cure hidden. With so many people on the hunt for the cure and Catarina, who can she really trust. Clock is ticking when the virus is starting to become more powerful. This action pack, end of the world is for fans that love gore or walking dead. I hope for an book two very soon. With so many twists and shocking reveals you would want book two also. So Happy Reading!

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