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{Arc Review} The Traitors Prince by C.J Redwine

Book Summary:

Javan Najafai, crown prince of Akram, has spent the last ten years at an elite boarding school, far away from his kingdom. But his eagerly awaited return home is cut short when a mysterious imposter takes his place—and no one believes Javan is the true prince.

After barely escaping the imposter’s assassins, Javan is thrown into Maqbara, the kingdom’s most dangerous prison. The only way to gain an audience with the king — and reveal Javan’s identity — is to fight in Maqbara’s yearly tournament. But winning is much harder than acing competitions at school, and soon Javan finds himself beset not just by the terrifying creatures in the arena, but also a band of prisoners allied against him, and even the warden herself.

The only person who can help him is Sajda, who has been enslaved by Maqbara’s warden since she was a child, and whose guarded demeanor and powerful right hook keep the prisoners in check. Working with Sajda might be the only way Javan can escape alive — but she has dangerous secrets.

Together, Javan and Sajda have to outwit the vicious warden, outfight the deadly creatures, and outlast the murderous prisoners intent on killing Javan. If they fail, they’ll be trapped in Maqbara for good—and the secret Sajda’s been hiding will bury them both.

My Review:

This book was so good. Really liked some of the characters in the book and the world building.

Javan was like an underdog in the story. A prince who has to worked hard to live. I think he has about a lot of lives in this book after nearly being killed so many times. It was fun watching him grow throughout the book.

Sajda is on tough girl, you do not want to mess with. In charge with the prison that Javan gets sent to. She is one tough cookie with secret of her own. Where she dreams of freedom.

This book was very action pack, filled with gore. Enjoy the story of Javan and Sajda that is told. Excited to read more books from this author. Lucky this book comes out this week, so you don’t have to wait long.

Happy Reading!!!

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