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Kat and Meg Conquer the World by Anna Priemaza

Book Summary:
For fans of Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything, Emery Lord’s When We Collided, and Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, Anna Priemaza’s debut novel is a heartwarming and achingly real story of finding a friend, being a fan, and defining your place in a difficult world.
Kat and Meg couldn’t be more different. Kat’s anxiety makes it hard for her to talk to people. Meg hates being alone, but her ADHD keeps pushing people away. But when the two girls are thrown together for a year-long science project, they discover they do have one thing in common: They’re both obsessed with the same online gaming star and his hilarious videos.
It might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship—if they don’t kill each other first.

My Review:

This book was such an fun read. I enjoy everything about it. The characters I adore to the storyline I love.

Kat and Meg could not be any different from each other. Meg is out going and have AHAD. While is Kat is shy and afraid of everything, thanks to her anxiety disorder.

When force to work together at school, what’s the worse can happen?

For the love of video game fans, and comic con nerds out there. This book might be for you. It’s fresh and pretty fun read about friends bonding and getting to know each other better.

Happy Reading!!

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