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Return to Fear Street: You May Now Kill the Bride by R.L Stine

Book Summary:
NEW Fear Street stories with a retro look, perfect for fans of Stranger Things!
Two sisters, divided by time. Each with a terrible resentment she can barely contain.
Two Fear family weddings, decades apart… Each bride will find that the ancient curse that haunts the Fears LIVES ON. It feeds off the evil that courses through their blood. It takes its toll in unexpected ways, and allows dark history to repeat itself.
In this all-new Fear Street story, family ties bind sisters together—till DEATH do they part.

My Review:

I was so excited to return to Fear Street. These books got me hooked onto reading. What I love about R.L Stine you can read them out of order. The curse is explain in the beginning of the book a bit for those who don’t remember years ago. Also the book can be fore new and old readers a like.

The story there is a curse years ago between the Goodes and the Fears. Yes I forgot what it was. Lucky the books of the story is released in the young adult section.

Yes now onto the book with a curse. Who say getting marry was gonna be easy? When your a fear and a deadly curse is placed on your family. It up to to one sister to save her family from the curse and rekindle her sister bond. Will she make it in time?

This book was a quick read. Love the little back story on how the curse started. You get to see the whole family interact with each other, find out why the sisters are not as close as they seem to be. Lots and hidden secrets with the fear family and some magic to along the way. For new reader and old ones alike.

Happy Reading!!

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