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{Cover Reveal} The Divide by Keira Drake

I’m excited for The Divide to come out. I did love The Continent, with the world building and characters this year. So looking forward to what will happen next. Here is the cover and summary. Comes out July 30, 2019.










The story of The Continent continues, now unfolding in a fast-paced split narrative as told by Vaela Sun (originally of the Spire), Noro Dún (of the Aven’ei), and Skaala Kael (of the Xoe).
Vaela has left the privileged, peaceful land of the Spire, choosing to live with the boy she loves among the Aven’ei people on the Continent. But though the war between the Aven’ei and their longtime foe, the Xoe, has come to a temporary cease-fire, hatred on the Continent runs deep, and the question of whether or not violence is part of human nature becomes ever more difficult to answer. When Vaela is called upon to act as a diplomat and live among the Xoe, her journey takes a dangerous turn—but not for the reasons she might have suspected. Assumptions crumble away, betrayal lies hidden behind friendly faces, and Vaela becomes torn between a desire for peace and the need to conceal a terrible secret that could reignite a war.

In the midst of these struggles, Vaela learns the dark, shattering truth of how she came to be on the Continent. She must now choose between vengeance and forgiveness, and discover what she is truly willing to sacrifice for peace and love.

WILD BEAUTY, FIERCE LOYALTY, AND AN EPIC LOVE STORY… WELCOME TO THE CONTINENT. Fans of Vikings and Game of Thrones will find themselves at home in a world in which a fragile peace will soon be challenged by the darkest betrayal…

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