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{Arc Review} Red Skies Falling Alex London

Book Summary:
In this thrilling sequel to Black Wings Beating, twins Kylee and Brysen are separated by the expanse of Uztar, but are preparing for the same war – or so they think.
Kylee is ensconsed in the Sky Castle, training with Mem Uku to master the Hollow Tongue and the Ghost Eagle. But political intrigue abounds and court drama seems to seep through the castle’s stones like blood from a broken feather. Meanwhile, Brysen is still in the Six Villages, preparing for an attack by the Kartami. The Villages have become Uztar’s first line of defense, and refugees are flooding in from the plains. But their arrival lays bare the villagers darkest instincts. As Brysen navigates the growing turmoil, he must also grapple with a newfound gift, a burgeoning crush on a mysterious boy, and a shocking betrayal.
The two will meet again on the battlefield, fighting the same war from different sides―or so they think. The Ghost Eagle has its own plans.

My Review:

Red Skies Falling was action packed. I love entering the world of Black Wings Beatings again. If you have yet read this book one, then you don’t need to read this review.

The brother and sister team are back again and getting ready to fight.

Kylee is off training with her new gift. She trying hard to control the ghost eagle. It no easy task when she can’t trust the people around her. Now that she separated from her brother, she has concerns for him and her family as a war is coming.

Brysen is holding down fort at home. He is keeping the hawk business alive, while trying to find his hawk. When an attack on the village is coming, he must be prepared and defend his home and hawks.

Will the brother and sister team see each other again?

I really love the original storyline of this world. It was very insightful on Hawks and training them. Sad some hawks die throughout this book but it’s an war story. Hopefully we have a happy ending in the third book. If your in mood for something different, then check out this series.

Happy Reading!!!

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