{Arc Review} Super Adjacent by Crystal Cestari

Book Summary:
Claire has always wanted to work with superheroes, from collecting Warrior Nation cards as a kid to drafting “What to Say to a Hero” speeches in her diary. Now that she’s landed a coveted internship with the Chicago branch of Warrior Nation, Claire is ready to prove she belongs, super or not. But complicating plans is the newest WarNat hero, Girl Power (aka Joy), who happens to be egotistical and self-important . . . and pretty adorable.
Bridgette, meanwhile, wants out of WarNat. After years of dating the famous Vaporizer (aka Matt), she’s sick of playing second, or third, or five-hundredth fiddle to all the people-in-peril in the city of Chicago. Of course, once Bridgette meets Claire-who’s clearly in need of a mentor and wingman-giving up WarNat becomes slightly more complicated. It becomes a lot more complicated when Joy, Matt, and the rest of the heroes go missing, leaving only Claire and Bridgette to save the day.
In this fresh and funny take on the world of supers, author Crystal Cestari spotlights what it’s like to be the seemingly non-super half of a dynamic duo with banter-filled romance and bold rescues perfect for readers seeking a great escape.

My Review:

In a world where anyone who has super powers, can be train to be a superhero.

Claire is a such a fanatic for warrior nation. She would do anything to win the internship to work there. Always idolizing her the heroes at work. With a chance meeting with new superhero, Joy. Claire world turns upside down when working at warrior nation. Nothing is as it seems working there.

Bridgette is in to deep in the world of superheroes after dating one. She loves Matt, but not his line of work. Bridgette always get either hurt or kidnap. She wants away from all the superhero stuff and become an artist. Yet she still cares deeply for May.

Bridgette and Claire met when they both get kidnap and become instant friends. Now they must work together to save the world when superheroes go missing.

I really did enjoy this book. You have tons of action and fun going on. The storyline was pretty creative which I did enjoy. I like how to Bridgette and Claire interact with each. They both have something in common like dating a superhero and Bridgette is there to help Claire along the way with advice. This book was a quick read, and full of surprises

The book recently came out, so check it out it if you can.

Happy Reading!!!