{Arc Review} Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth

A decade ago near Chicago, five teenagers defeated the otherworldly enemy known as the Dark One, whose reign of terror brought widespread destruction and death. The seemingly un-extraordinary teens—Sloane, Matt, Ines, Albie, and Esther—had been brought together by a clandestine government agency because one of them was fated to be the “Chosen One,” prophesized to save the world. With the goal achieved, humankind celebrated the victors and began to mourn their lost loved ones.
Ten years later, though the champions remain celebrities, the world has moved forward and a whole, younger generation doesn’t seem to recall the days of endless fear. But Sloane remembers. It’s impossible for her to forget when the paparazzi haunt her every step just as the Dark One still haunts her dreams. Unlike everyone else, she hasn’t moved on; she’s adrift—no direction, no goals, no purpose. On the eve of the Ten Year Celebration of Peace, a new trauma hits the Chosen: the death of one of their own. And when they gather for the funeral at the enshrined site of their triumph, they discover to their horror that the Dark One’s reign never really ended.

My Review:
I thought this book was a very interesting read at times. Yea it did became somewhat confusing in the beginning.

The storyline was just all over the place. You have to read this book in a quiet place to understand what is going on. Mostly the summary explain the book better than I can. Still it ends like a stand alone, so don’t know what they have in store for a book two.

I don’t have a favorite character yet in the book. The main girl Sloane is dealing for years of PTSD. She been dating Matt for years and she hates the spotlight. She has this feeling that the dark one is still out there. There is Matt whi loves the spotlight and attention and don’t understand Sloane feelings at time. Also Esither who is so full of herself and popular youtuber. She always picking on Sloane. Not even sure why they are friends.

After a friends death, Sloane. Matt and Esther get wisk away to a different universe. Where they are task to defeat another dark one or they won’t be able to go home. This parallel universe might hold the key on the origins of the dark one and who he really is…

This read was a like for me not love it. It kinda was  very slow and confusing start. A lot goes on within the book and have to pay very close attention to get what is going. I was hoping to love this read bc I enjoy Divergent series by this author so much. Maybe book teo will be a bit better.

If you unsure reading this book, then try it out at the library and see for yourself.

Happy Reading!!