Clique Bait by Ann Valett

Book Summary:
Chloe Whittaker is out for revenge.
Last year her best friend Monica’s life was unceremoniously ruined by the most popular students at their high school, so this year Chloe plans to take each and every one of them down. She’s traded in her jeans and T-shirts for the latest designer clothes, erased anything on social media that would tie her to Monica (and blow her cover), and carefully figured out how she will befriend the members of the clique, find out their deepest and darkest secrets, and reveal them to the world.
Chloe has the perfect plan . . . but there’s one thing she didn’t prepare for. And that’s falling for someone she’s determined to destroy. The closer she gets to uncovering the secrets the in-crowd is determined to cover up, the more she realizes that she is going to have to choose between betraying her oldest friend or the boy who’s captured her heart.

My Review:

Clique Bait is on of those reads you will enjoy. It had such a mean girls vibe to it. Plus there so much high school drama that happening all at once. Some characters you will love or some you may hate.

Chole is the main character of the story. She always staying invisible at high school and don’t care about the cliques. Which makes her into a nice person. Her best friend goes off having a blast with the popular crowd. When something bad happen to her, it’s up to Chole to get revenge.

I like hie Chole in the book still misses her best friend after the big falling out they had. She willing to help her out and get back at the popular kids with an unlikely ally. Chole gets so hook on revenge she start hurting some friends around her. Will she be able to fix things or has she gone far into deep?

This book was another fast pace read. Perfect fun for the summer. The cover is all pink and cute when opening it up. Lots of drama, maybe a little romance, but it’s high school. Lots of nice twists towards the end which I enjoy.

Looking for a pick me up read, then check out Clique Bait!!

Happy Reading!!!!