The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow

Book Summary:
Can a girl who risks her life for books and an alien who loves forbidden pop music work together to save humanity?
Two years ago, a misunderstanding between the leaders of Earth and the invading Ilori resulted in the deaths of one-third of the world’s population.
Seventeen-year-old Janelle “Ellie” Baker survives in an Ilori-controlled center in New York City. Deemed dangerously volatile because of their initial reaction to the invasion, humanity’s emotional transgressions are now grounds for execution. All art, books and creative expression are illegal, but Ellie breaks the rules by keeping a secret library. When a book goes missing, Ellie is terrified that the Ilori will track it back to her and kill her.
Born in a lab, M0Rr1S (Morris) was raised to be emotionless. When he finds Ellie’s illegal library, he’s duty-bound to deliver her for execution. The trouble is, he finds himself drawn to human music and in desperate need of more. They’re both breaking the rules for love of art—and Ellie inspires the same feelings in him that music does.
Ellie’s—and humanity’s—fate rests in the hands of an alien she should fear. M0Rr1S has a lot of secrets, but also a potential solution—thousands of miles away. The two embark on a wild and dangerous road trip with a bag of books and their favorite albums, all the while making a story and a song of their own that just might save them both.

My Review:

When the aliens invade, they took everything away from the humans.

Ellie is a passionate reader and hid her books when the aliens took over. She helps her friends keep sane in a world with no music or books allow. When an unlikely alien discovers her secret, things turn upside for Ellie.

This book was a very fun read. I love the storyline and the characters how they all interact with each other. The cover is pretty amazing looking also. The book is set in the ruins of NYC. Which I been missing nyc since the lockdown.

Ellie I liked how she is a bookworm like me. Willing to risk saving books, then getting into trouble later. She really cares about her family a lot and has one good friend. Ellie always looking out for everyone. Then with a chance encounter with Morris everything she knows is about to change.

Morris is a ailen with feelings. He loves to listen and sing to music. Morris takes an interest in the human life and want to try to save them. He is very different than the others who want to destroy all humans life. Morris find Ellie secret library, and would do anything to protect her. Can Ellie trust a ailen?

With so much action pack chase, music and books this book will leave you wanting for more. Looking for an original take of a scifi story, then your in luck. Check out Sound of Stars.

Happy Reading!!!!