The Easy Part of Impossible by Sarah Tomp

Book Summary:
After an injury forces Ria off the diving team, an unexpected friendship with Cotton, a guy on the autism spectrum, helps her come to terms with the abusive relationship she’s been in with her former coach.
Ria Williams was an elite diver on track for the Olympics. As someone who struggled in school, largely due to her ADHD, diving was the one place Ria could shine. But while her parents were focused on the trophies, no one noticed how Coach Benny’s strict rules and punishments controlled every aspect of Ria’s life. The harder he was on her, the sharper her focus. The bigger the bruise, the better the dive. Until a freak accident at a meet changes everything. Just like that, Ria is handed back her life, free of Benny.
To fill her now-empty and aimless days, Ria rekindles a friendship with Cotton, a guy she used to know back in elementary school. With Cotton, she’s able to open up about what Benny would do to her, and through Cotton’s eyes, Ria is able to see it for what it was: abuse. Then Benny returns, offering Ria a second chance with a life-changing diving opportunity. But it’s not hers alone—Benny’s coaching comes with it. The thought of being back under his control seems impossible to bear, but so does walking away. How do you separate the impossible from the possible when the one thing you love is so tangled up in the thing you fear most?

My Review:

What if someone makes you quit with something you love to do?

Ria always love diving. That’s the only thing she knows how to do. She has put up with the mental and physical abuse from her coach for years. Then one day she gets scare and end quitting. Mostly she tries to keep what happen to herself, even if she still misses diving. When a boy next door seems to open herself up more to new possibilities.

Will she be able to find the courage to confront her couch mistreatment?

This book was an emotional read. You get to feel how much Ria struggles with her choice of not diving. One hand she relives not seeing her coach and on the other hand she miss diving so much. I like the cover of the book with her underwater, looks like she trying to think on what’s the best thing to do. This book deals with sensitive topic of abuse mentally and physically.

Also I like Cotton there for Ria and kinda helps break her out of her shell a bit. He supports her and she can lean on him for anything. Hopefully he can help give her the courage she needs before it’s to late.

The Easy Part of Impossible is out now, you might really like the book. If your unsure reading it, then head to the library.