The Good for Nothings by Danielle Banas

Cora Saros is just trying her best to join the family business of theft and intergalactic smuggling. Unfortunately, she’s a total disaster.
After landing herself in prison following an attempted heist gone very wrong, she strikes a bargain with the prison warden: He’ll expunge her record if she brings back a long-lost treasure rumored to grant immortality.
Cora is skeptical, but with no other way out of prison (and back in her family’s good graces), she has no choice but to assemble a crew from her collection of misfit cellmates—a disgraced warrior from an alien planet; a cocky pirate who claims to have the largest ship in the galaxy; and a glitch-prone robot with a penchant for baking—and take off after the fabled prize.
But the ragtag group soon discovers that not only is the too-good-to-be-true treasure very real, but they’re also not the only crew on the hunt for it. And it’s definitely a prize worth killing for.

My Review:

What happens when you try to impress your criminal family?

Cora’s family are best known for their crimes spree. She is willing to do anything to get her family approval. Which does not go as plan and Cora ends up with jail. Her cell mates show her the ropes and she is threw into the greatest heist in the world with other group of misfits.

The Good for Nothings was a thrilling space adventure. I really liked the storyline and the characters in it. It was something very different. The cover is pretty neat with the characters mugshots it looks like. I do enjoy some good scifi reads and this one was so much fun.

I like Cora in the book, she tries to hard pleasing her family. Cora is good making bombs and love inventing things. Her only friend she cares about is an out of date robot. That robot been with her through tough time. No wonder she has trouble making friends. Even when she force to work together with a bunch of misfits she tries not to get attach and is close off. Each misfit is hiding a secret that might tear the group a part.

Will they be able to work together and be set free from prison?

Looking for a fun quick space adventure, then your in for a treat with The Good for Nothings!

Happy Reading!!!