{Arc Review} The Girl in The White Van by April Henry

Book Summary:
A teen is snatched after her kung fu class and must figure out how to escape—and rescue another kidnapped prisoner—in this chilling YA mystery.
When Savannah disappears soon after arguing with her mom’s boyfriend, everyone assumes she’s run away. The truth is much worse. She’s been kidnapped by a man in a white van who locks her in an old trailer home, far from prying eyes. And worse yet, Savannah’s not alone: Ten months earlier, Jenny met the same fate and nearly died trying to escape. Now as the two girls wonder if he will hold them captive forever or kill them, they must join forces to break out—even if it means they die trying.
Master mystery-writer April Henry weaves another heart-stopping young adult thriller in this story ripped straight from the headlines.

My Review:

Can Kung Fu skills can help save a life?

Savannah is the new girl in town. She hardly don’t have many friends and dislike her mom’s new boyfriend. Her only outlook on life is enjoying Kung fu classes, which she pays for herself. It’s Savannah escape from everything at home. When she has a fight with mom’s boyfriend, she ends up disappearing. With her fighting skills and quick thinking, she must find a way to escape her captor.

Girl in The White Van was such a suspenseful quick read. It was such a huge rush on what’s happening with the main character. The storyline was so good and you will end up reading it in one setting.

I like how much Savannah is a fighter in this book. We have no idea why the kidnapper got a girl with fight. Maybe he was bored and needed some fun. Jenny the other captor is scare of her kidnapper and leaving. She becomes obedient and been there for longer. Will Savannah be able to save them both before it to late?

The Girl in the White Van recently came out, so go check it out.

Happy Reading!