Breathless by Jennifer Niven

Before: With graduation on the horizon, budding writer Claudine Henry is making plans: college in the fall, become a famous author, and maybe–finally–have sex. She doesn’t even need to be in love. Then her dad drops a bombshell: he’s leaving Claude’s mother. Suddenly, Claude’s entire world feels like a lie, and her future anything but under control.
After: Claude’s mom whisks them away to the last place Claude could imagine nursing a broken heart: a remote, mosquito-infested island off the coast of Georgia. But then Jeremiah Crew happens. Miah is a local trail guide with a passion for photography–and a past he doesn’t like to talk about. He’s brash and enigmatic, and even more infuriatingly, he’s the only one who seems to see Claude for who she wants to be. So when Claude decides to sleep with Miah, she tells herself it’s just sex, nothing more. There’s not enough time to fall in love, especially if it means putting her already broken heart at risk.

My Review:

What happen if life after graduation does not go as plan?

Claude seems to have her life in order and knows where she wants to go. But then one day her life turns upside after her father kicks out them out. Now she must learn how to deal with the outcome of her family falling a part and come with a new plan for herself.

The only thing Breathless about this book was the cover. Which I really did like the cover as you see the characters floating in the water. This book was just an alright read for me. The storyline was like flat and hardly any emotions I felt anything for the characters. I did love Jennifer Niven other two reads, but this one fell very short. The romance was kinda rush and the main characters where kind of like an open book with each other.

I’m sad about the main guy, Miah. I thought he would have such a darker pass and backstory. He was very open with Claude with everything. You think with all the warnings Claude get from his friends, that he had some deep dark past. Sadly that story fell flat also and not so dark.

Claude was alright in the book. She has a supportive friends, but kinda push them away when her folks get divorced and all. She makes it like her life is over, when it just beginning. I felt no connection with none main characters.

Sadly this book was not meant for me, but others might enjoy it better. If your unsure on reading book after this review, then try it yourself at the library.

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