Starvation by Molly Fenning

John Green meets Laurie Halse Anderson in this “haunting” and “incredibly real” book that “holds you there until the very last sentence”.
16-year-old Wes McCoy is not the favorite child.
He does not have a wrestling scholarship to Stanford nor does he live up to the family legacy as an athlete, unlike his brother, Jason. But when Jason dies in a car accident on the way to the state high school wrestling championship, Wes turns to food to give him the control over his life he didn’t have before– the kind of success he never tasted.
Wes must take back control from his eating disorder as he learns more about himself and the mystery surrounding Jason’s accident, before he loses his life and those closest to him.

My Review:

Starvation was such a emotional read. The story line was very interesting and something different. I always read mental health or personal reads like eating disorders books. Really do find these read very insightful and a little relatable sometimes what I go through with mental health wise. This read was very different because you get a guys point of view with the disorder than always the girls.

The main character Wes, you really feel for him in the book. You see how much pressure his father puts on him and his brother to become a wrestler like everyone else in the family. The only holding him back is his weight. If he can lower his weight he can be the best. So with the help from a girl at school he learns what it takes to become skinny. Since that all he can seem to control in his life.

This book may have some trigger warnings for some readers. I found this book an enjoyable read and very insightful with eating disorders and mental health that comes with it. It was a nice discovery on finding this read.

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