This is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey

Black Mirror meets My So-Called Life in this fast-paced, timely YA thriller about separating fact from fiction–and how far we’ll go to create our own version of reality.
Like any other teenager, Jess Flynn is just trying to get through her junior year without drama … but drama seems to keep finding her. Between a new crush on her childhood best friend, overprotective parents cramping her social life, and her younger sister’s worsening health, the only constant is change–and her hometown of Swickley, which feels smaller by the day.
Swickley is getting weirder by the day, too. Half the population has been struck down by a mysterious flu. Conversations end awkwardly when Jess enters the room. And then one day, a tiny, sleek black device–with an apple logo on it–falls out of her best friend’s backpack and lands at Jess’s feet.

My Review:

Welcome to the 90s.

This is not a The Jess Show is set in the 90s. Jess seems to have her life together. Good friends and the family life. Then one day he friend drop some weird object on the ground. Soon she starts to questions what really going on around her. Who can she really trust, when everyone seems to be lying to her?

I really enjoyed The is not The Jess Show a lot. Kinda feel old reading the book. I love it’s set in the 90s with so many references. Brings back so many memories. This book is like a mystery for Jess when one day strange things start happening to her. It has a nice twists within the book. The cover is prefect for the book, a room in the 90s.

Jess seems to want to get out of town for college, but her parents has plan for her. Her mother tells her how to dress and how to wear make up. Her friends whispering behind her back like they hiding stuff. And a weird device was found. Suddenly her guy friend seems to have the answers for a price.

This book was so much fun and another quick read. Something different and very hard to put down.

Welcome to this is not The Jess Show!!

Happy Reading!!!!

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