Every Single Lie by Rachel Vincent

In this gripping YA novel about social media bullying and half-truths, one girl’s discovery of a dead baby in her high school locker room rocks an entire community.
Nobody in Beckett’s life seems to be telling the whole story. Her boyfriend Jake keeps hiding texts and might be cheating on her. Her father lied about losing his job before his shocking death. And everyone in school seems to be whispering about her and her family behind her back.
But none of that compares to the day Beckett finds the body of a newborn baby in a gym bag-Jake’s gym bag -on the floor of her high school locker room. As word leaks out, rumors that Beckett’s the mother take off like wildfire in a town all too ready to believe the worst of her. And as the police investigation unfolds, she discovers that everyone has a secret to hide and the truth could alter everything she thought she knew.

My Review:

Every Single Lie was a rollercoaster full of emotions. The storyline to this book can happen in real life. There always some teen getting knock up at school. The fact is they they get scare and don’t know what to do after giving birth.

This book is set in a small town, that gossips a lot. When a dead baby find at school, a lot of rumors spreads on who the baby’s mother and father. Beckett gets caught in the middle of the rumors and gossip since she found the baby. Her mother is the lead cop on the case and that makes things worse for Beckett. Everyone is pointing fingers at each other on who the baby belong to.

This book is a huge guessing games of who the baby’s parents. Meanwhile the main character just want her name clear and answers for herself. This book was tense at times and some people might be able to relate to this read. High school can be tough at times and dealing with people who judge you all the time.

Every Single Lie deals with the outcome of a baby’s death. Also how a small town can come together or tear a person a part.

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