Our Last Echoes by Kate Alice Marshall

Kara Thomas meets Twin Peaks in this supernatural thriller about one girl’s hunt for the truth about her mother’s disappearance.
Sophia’s first memory is of drowning. She remembers the darkness of the water and the briny taste as it fills her throat. She remembers the cold shock of going under. She remembers her mother pulling her to safety before disappearing forever. But Sophia has never been in the ocean. And her mother died years ago in a hospital. Or so she has been told her whole life.
A series of clues have led Sophia to the island of Bitter Rock, Alaska, where she talked her way into a summer internship at the Landon Avian Research Center, the same center her mother worked at right before she died. There, she meets the disarmingly clever Liam, whose own mother runs the LARC, as well as Abby, who’s following a mystery of her own: a series of unexplained disappearances. People have been vanishing from Bitter Rock for decades, leaving only their ghostly echoes behind. When it looks like their two mysteries might be one and the same, Sophia vows to dig up the truth, no matter how many lies she has to tell along the way. Even if it leads her to a truth she may not want to face.

My Review:

Our Last Echoes was a crazy mind trip. Which I love every minute of it. This storyline was very out there and gets you thinking what’s real or not. The book is set on a spooky island, where the main character must unlock it secrets.

Sophia is so innocent in the book. Once she heard her mom might be alive on Bitter Rock. She sets out for answers and what’s hiding there. People have disappeared and there this strange mist lurking around. Something dangerous is out there and Sophia hopes to get the truth.

This book was on the edge of the seat suspenseful. I don’t think I could be brave like Sophia. You really don’t know who to trust. Just a big guessing game what real or not. Also have very creepy vibes by the story and the cover. I end up reading it in onc night bc I needed answers. Perfect for people that like spooky reads.

Are you ready to enter Bitter Rock???

Happy Reading!!!

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