The Afterlife of the Party by Marlene Perez


The bestselling author of the Dead Is… series is back with a snarky, hilarious take on the vampire romance novel.

When my best friend Skyler told me about this party in the Hollywood Hills, I was less than enthused. As it turned out, my feelings were more than justified. That party ruined my life.

Tansy didn’t even want to go to the party. It’s hard enough living in one of your best friend’s shadows and secretly in love with your other best friend.

And now she’s leaving it a vampire.

Now her best friend Skyler is stuck on the road trip from hell, on tour as a groupie with a literal band of vamps. Tansy sets out with Vaughn, her other BFF turned maybe more, to save Skylar’s life and take down the band. But when they find themselves in the middle of a vampire war, will Tansy be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her friends?

My Review:

Welcome to the Afterlife of the Party. 

Tansy is not really a party girl. She rather dip her hands into witchcraft. When Skyler her best friend drag her to a party she soon won’t forget. It’s going to be a race against time to save herself and best friend. 

This book was so much fun to read. Hot vampires in a band that are evil. Sign me up for that. Also the main character is very powerful witch that turn into half vampire I the book. Just a matter of her learning to control power with help of cute guy friend. This book was a fast pace read against time to save some lives. A lot is at stake and lucky this book is a series to enjoy.

This book has:

Magical Creatures 




Ready to party it up with some vampires??

Happy Reading!!!!

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