Fix by J. Albert Mann


A gritty, moving story of friendship, loss, pain, and addiction. 

Everything was fine before. When Eve and Lidia could hide their physical differences inside goofy Burger Hut costumes. When Lidia shook Eve up and Eve made Lidia laugh. When Lidia was there

Everything is different now. Cut open . . . rearranged . . . stapled shut, Eve is left alone to recover in a world of pain and a body she no longer recognizes. Her only companions being a bottle of Roxanol and an infuriating (but cute) neighbor, Eve strikes up a relationship—and makes a pact—with the devil. Sacrificing pieces of a place she doesn’t know to return to a place she does. What will she discover when she unravels her past? And is having Lidia back worth the price?

In verse and prose, Fix paints a riveting picture of a teen struggling to find herself and move forward with her life in a sea of opioids, regret, grief, and hope.

My Review:

Fix is a very emotional read. A simple surgery turns into a addiction for the main character. You get to see how much she becomes crazy, talking to objects and not eatting. It deals with a very sensitive topic of drugs misuse. Even the cover shows you that character is trap inside a pill.

Eve suffers with bad back issues all her life. She decides to do a risky back surgery to correct the problem. It is a painful road to recovery and her mom is so busy to take care of her. When left alone and suffering, she takes things into her own hands and starts abusing her meds. When lost in your own world, will there be anyone there to save her?

I did like the book Fix. It was confusing at times bc you lost inside Eve’s mind. You can see how much she been struggling with pain. Also get a glimpse how her mind been seeing things that are not there. Eve deals with the recovery on her own most of the times. You can tell her mom to busy to see any changes or help her daughter out. Her friend had a mini falling out and only a boy next door seem to care.

This book will have trigger warning for some readers. The ending of this book was more confusing for me so that why I gave it 3 stars. I could go back and reread it, to understand it better. Your mostly inside Eve’s mind dealing with pain and not sure what’s real or not.

Are you ready to dive into Eve’s Mind in Fix???

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