WWW Wednesday

What I am Currently Reading?

What I finish Reading?

What I’m Reading Next?

Finish Reading:

I really did love The Final Girl Support Group. Recently did a book review.

Currently Reading:

I’m in the middle of this book and liking it so far. It’s more of a mystery read than thriller right now. The main character boyfriend dies, but was it an accident or something more going on? I do love the cover so much.

Reading Next:

Maybe keep a thriller theme going on or change my mind and get into more fantasy. See what I’m in mood for after my current book.

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday”

  1. Ohhh, looks like you read/are reading some AMAZING books. Excited to see Riley Sager there, and I am also hyped about Weekend and Final Girl. Didn’t know Truly Madly yet, but it is now also on my list. I do love a good mystery/thriller.


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