After the Ink Dries by Cassie Gustafson


What does it mean when you thought you knew someone? What does it mean when that person is your new boyfriend? This page-turning suspense story asks what it takes to face hard truths about yourself and others, and how to find strength when you need it most.

Sixteen-year-old Erica Walker is a webcomic artist who wants to fit in at her affluent new high school. Seventeen-year-old Thomas VanBrackel is an aspiring songwriter and reluctant lacrosse goalie who wants out from under his father’s thumb. After their electric first kiss at Saturday’s lacrosse match, Erica and Thomas are both elated to see where their new relationship could take them.

The next morning, however, following a drunken house party, Erica wakes up half-clothed, and discovers words and names drawn in Sharpie in intimate places on her body—names belonging to Thomas’s lacrosse friends, including the boyfriend of Erica’s best friend. Devastated, Erica convinces herself Thomas wasn’t involved in this horrific so-called “prank”…until she discovers Thomas’s name on her skin, too.

Told in alternating viewpoints, Erica seeks to uncover what happened while battling to keep evidence of her humiliation from leaking out, as Thomas grapples with his actions and who he thought he was. Woven throughout, illustrated graphic novel interstitials depict Erica’s alter ego superhero, Erica Strange, whose courage just might help Erica come through to the other side.

My Review:

After the Ink Dries was such a emotional read. So heartbreaking on what happen to the main character. The book deals with bullying and assault. May be sensitive for some readers and has trigger warnings. The cover is very breathtaking. It shows the main character and words written on her, like what happen to her in the book.

Erica wakes up up one morning on someone bed. She don’t remember what happen. She has words in sharpie written all over her body and names of people who done it. Not thinking clearly, she hurries home to clean up everything. Soon there pictures and videos starting to resurface around school.

This book deal with the struggle of being assaulted and trying to get help. Erica in the book is in denial at first on what happen. She just wants to move from it, until pictures and videos resurface. You can tell Erica push people away and don’t know who to trust or how to get help.

After the Ink Dries was well written and very realistic. It can happen to anyone in high school. I’m going to repeat again, there are trigger warning for readers with this book.

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