The Falling Girls by Hayley Krischer


Shade and Jadis are everything to each other. They share clothes, toothbrushes, and even matching stick-and-poke tattoos. So when Shade unexpectedly joins the cheerleading team, Jadis can hardly recognize who her best friend is becoming.

Shade loves the idea of falling into a group of girls; she loves the discipline it takes to push her body to the limits alongside these athletes . Most of all, Shade finds herself drawn to The Three Chloes–the insufferable trio that rules the squad–including the enigmatic cheer captain whose dark side is as compelling as it is alarming.

Jadis won’t give Shade up so easily, though, and the pull between her old best friend and her new teammates takes a toll on Shade as she tries to forge her own path. So when one of the cheerleaders dies under mysterious circumstances, Shade is determined to get to the bottom of her death. Because she knows Jadis–and if her friend is responsible, doesn’t that mean she is, too?

My Review:

A story of two friendships drifting a part.

Shade is dying to be a flyer for the cheerleaders. She always been doing what Jadis tells her to. They been friends forever, but slowly the girls drift a part. All Shade ever want is Jadis support for becoming a cheerleader. Jadis tries her best being there for her best friend. She even gets gets mad for getting close to one of the cheerleaders Then one night one of the cheerleaders died and Shade starts to get suspicious of her best friend.

The Falling Girls deals with a lot of high school drama stuff. You have your typical cliques in the book. I really did love this book so much. Also like the friendship between Shade and Jadis. You can see a bit that Shade becoming her own person and still trying to please Jadis. She tries to balance everything out. While Jadis is kinda lost and not use to the changes in their friendship.

Also I like during all the drama between the cheerleaders and Jadis, you get a mini murder mystery in between in it. This book is full of surprises and it will be hard trusting anyone. Also the cover of the book I liked. It fits on what’s going on within it. I could this book over and over again. It was written really good and it was hard to put down. So check out The Falling Girls if your into teenage drama and a little mystery.

Happy Reading!!!!!

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