The Violent Season by Sara Walters


Every November, the people in Wolf Ridge are overwhelmed with a hunger for violence–at least that’s the town rumor. Last fall Wyatt Green’s mother was brutally murdered, convincing Wyatt that this yearning isn’t morbid urban legend. but rather a palpable force infecting her neighbors.

This year, Wyatt fears the call of violence has spread to her best friend Cash–who also happens to be the guy she can’t stop wanting no matter how much he hurts her. At the same time, she’s drawn to Cash’s nemesis Porter, now that they’re partners on an ambitious project for lit class. When Wyatt pulls away from Cash, and spends more time with Porter, she learns secrets about both of them she can’t forget.

And as the truth about her mother’s death begins to emerge from the shadows, Wyatt is faced with a series of hard realities about the people she trusts the most, rethinking everything she believes about what makes people decide to hurt each other.

My Review:

Time to cozy up with a new mystery/thriller book, The Violent Season. This short read was pretty good. It deals with people all seem to be dying every November in a small town. The latest November death was Wyatts mother a year ago. What mystery surrounds these deaths in November?

I did like Wyatt in the book. She is dealing with the lost of her mother and figuring out what happen that night. The cops seemed to gave up on the case. Wyatt seems to pull away from best friend Cash. She starts digging up clues online about her mother’s death. Trying to remember what happen, and figure out whodunit. Is there really some November sickness going around town or people really that bad?

Very fast pace mystery which I enjoyed. There might be some trigger warnings for readers in the book as it deal with assault. The cover is pretty creepy with blood coming out of the house. This read is perfect for the fall readers. Might read more books by this author.

Time to curl up by the fireplace and enjoy The Violent Season.

Happy Reading!!!

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