The Forgotten Memories of Vera Glass by Anna Priemaza


A mind-bending YA novel about a world where everyone has a bit of magic in them—but some magic is being used to change the world in unspeakable ways

Vera has a nagging feeling that she’s forgetting something. Not her keys or her homework—something bigger. Or someone. When she discovers her best friend Riven is experiencing the same strange feeling, they set out on a mission to uncover what’s going on. Everyone in Vera’s world has a special ability—a little bit of magic that helps them through the day. Perhaps someone’s ability is interfering with their memory? Or is something altering their very reality? Vera and Riven intend to fix it and get back whatever or whomever they’ve lost. But how do you find the truth when you can’t even remember what you’re looking for in the first place?

My Review:

What if you have a gift to do special stuff?

In Vera world everyone gets tested and find out their gifts. Vera has the power to unlock any door at will. She has a good life with friends and family. Then one day her world turn upside down. It like she forgetting something very important. Certain thing Vera sets her off into a depression mood and she can’t seem to remember why. With the help of her doctor who friend, she must solve this mystery before it’s to late. Who has a powerful gift to make a person to forgot?

This book was a fast pace read. I like the little mystery behind it and the world building to it. The book cover is very pretty. There so many fun doctor who references with in the book, which I love. A world were people have their own gifts, sounds pretty cool. I love how all their friends interact with each other and have their own little group. This a short read and so much fun. I really did love this book and it fun adventures.

Happy Reading!!!!

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