The Last Laugh by Mindy McGinnis


In the dark and stunning sequel to The Initial Insult, award-winning author Mindy McGinnis concludes this suspenseful YA duology as long-held family secrets finally come to light . . . changing Amontillado forevermore.

Tress Montor murdered Felicity Turnado—but she might not have to live with the guilt for long. With an infected arm held together by duct tape, the panther who clawed her open on the loose, and the whole town on the hunt for the lost homecoming queen, the odds are stacked against Tress. As her mind slides deeper into delirium, Tress is haunted by the growing sound of Felicity’s heartbeat pulsing from the “best friend” charm around her fevered neck.

Ribbit Usher has been a punchline his whole life—from his nickname to his latest turn as the unwitting star of a humiliating viral video. In the past he’s willingly played the fool, but now it’s time to fulfill his destiny. That means saving the girl, so that Felicity can take her place at his side and Ribbit can exact revenge on all who have done him wrong—which includes his cousin, Tress. Ribbit is held by a pact he made with his mother long ago, a pact that must be delivered upon in four days.

With time ticking down and an enemy she considers a friend lurking in the shadows, Tress’s grip on reality is failing. Can she keep both mind and body together long enough to finally find out what happened to her parents?

My Review:

If you have yet read The Initial Insult book one, then disregard this review. Better yet go buy book one and get to reading.

The Last Laugh was ever more insane as the first book. Which I love every minute of it. Also I’m in love with the crazy cover.

Tess is just walking around and acting things normal. Despite the fact she just killed someone last book. Her arm is mess and she refuse to go to hospital. Tess really went crazy in this second book. Also we have a new point of view character, Ribbit. Ribbit is supposed to be Tess best friend, but he is also acting weird and hiding his own secrets. These two are just insane in this book. Also its a very realistic book.

I love how pretty it is on the inside cover. Ribbit looks so evil and hot in this…

Are you ready to have The Last Laugh???

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