The Fear by Natasha Preston


Don’t be afraid. Be terrified.

It’s just a stupid meme that’s going around their small fishing town in the dead of winter—people reposting and sharing their biggest fear. But when her classmates start turning up dead—dying in the way that they said scared them the most—Izzy knows it’s no joke.

With each death hitting closer to home, Izzy sets out to try to stop the killer. Could her older sister’s friend Tristan have something to do with the deaths? He’s given her some strange vibes. Or what about his brooding cousin, Axel? But he’s in her classes at school. He’s not a murderer . . . is he? Izzie’s soon on a path that will lead her right to the killer . . . and her own worst nightmare.

My Review:

How are you afraid to die?

A fear meme site recently pop up at school. Everyone been posting their fear. Izzy is not really interested and have not share her fear. Then suddenly she found one of her classmates dead by their fear. She make a connection with the site and her semi friends. Somehow she ends up in the center of the murders. Could she be next to die?

I only just liked this book, not truly love it. I lije the summary and cover more then the story itself. It felt like one of those dumb horror movies, where you just waiting on the dumb main character to die. I did love the secondary characters better than the main one. This book had a lot have shaking of head and some laughs. The ending was awesome. 🤫

Looking for a quick thriller/mystery then check out The Fear.

How are you afraid to die?

Happy Reading!!!


Only A Monster by Vanessa Len


It should have been the perfect summer. Sent to stay with her late mother’s eccentric family in London, sixteen-year-old Joan is determined to enjoy herself. She loves her nerdy job at the historic Holland House, and when her super cute co-worker Nick asks her on a date, it feels like everything is falling into place.

But she soon learns the truth. Her family aren’t just eccentric: they’re monsters, with terrifying, hidden powers. And Nick isn’t just a cute boy: he’s a legendary monster slayer, who will do anything to bring them down.

As she battles Nick, Joan is forced to work with the beautiful and ruthless Aaron Oliver, heir to a monster family that hates her own. She’ll have to embrace her own monstrousness if she is to save herself, and her family. Because in this story . . .

. . . she is not the hero.

My Review:

Are you ready for a monster story…

Joan all her life heard stories of monsters, little does she know, Joan is a monster herself. She accidentally discovered her powers and have fallen in love. The boy she end up liking turn out to be a monster hunter. When her family and other monsters are attacked. She makes a run for it with an unlikely allies. Joan must learn to control her powers and become the monster kiss are afraid of.

Only a Monster was a epic fantasy read. Still weird having normal name for a fantasy book. It kinda fits the book, since where it is set in. I say this book was very original and interesting read. Just love everything about it. You kinda feel bad for Joan not understanding where she came from. Your not even sure if she really a hero or villian in the making. This book has some crazy twists and fun to it. Also I just love the cover so much. I’m already looking forward to book two to come out.

Happy Reading!!!!


WWW Wednesday

What I Finish Reading:

The Last Laugh was so crazy fun. If you have read the first book Initial Insult I suggest you do. So many insane twists.

What I’m Currently Reading:

A meme that shares your fears and people start dying from there fears. I’m liking this book so far. I wonder how it will end.

What I’m Reading Next:

Just been in a thriller/mystery mood lately. My next read could change depending on how I feel.


Turning by Joy L. Smith


Genie used to fouetté across the stage. Now the only thing she’s turning are the wheels to her wheelchair. Genie was the star pupil at her exclusive New York dance school, with a bright future and endless possibilities before her. Now that the future she’s spent years building toward has been snatched away, she can’t stand to be reminded of it—even if it means isolating herself from her best friends and her mother. The only wish this Genie has is to be left alone.

But then she meets Kyle, who also has a “used to be.” Kyle used to tumble and flip on a gymnastics mat, but a traumatic brain injury has sent him to the same physical therapist that Genie sees. With Kyle’s support, along with her best friend’s insistence that Genie’s time at the barre isn’t over yet, Genie starts to see a new path—one where she doesn’t have to be alone and she finally has the strength to heal from the past.

But healing also means confronting. Confronting the booze her mother, a recovering alcoholic, has been hiding under the kitchen sink; the ex-boyfriend who was there the night of the fall and won’t leave her alone; and Genie’s biggest, most terrifying secret: the fact that the accident may not have been so accidental after all.

My Review:

What happen when you fall off a two story building?

Genie life has always been about ballet. She loves making up dance moves as well. Then one night she accidentally falls off a building. Now he dreams seem to be over. Slowly to disappear from her friends, and start lashing out at her mom who is trying to help. She becomes stubborn over time and forcing herself to become independent again in a wheelchair. Genie just has to learn to accept help and figure out to do without ballet.

I thought Turning was a very realistic read about someone in a wheelchair. I thought it handle Genie disability very well and her emotional journey throughout the book. She find confront in Kyle who been in an accident also and he seem to understand her. Hopefully Genie will learn more she can do more then just dance. Also I thought the cover was very stunning. This book are prefect for fans who love dance reads.


Finding Her Edge by Jennifer Iacopelli


For fans of Emma Lord and Abbi Glines, Jennifer Iacopelli’s swoony, romantic new novel follows elite ice dancer Adriana Russo as she finds herself drawn to both her old dance partner and her new one.

Adriana Russo is figure skating royalty.

With gold-medalist parents, and her older sister headed to the Olympics, all she wants is to live up to the family name and stand atop the ice dance podium at the Junior World Championships. But fame doesn’t always mean fortune, and their legendary skating rink is struggling under the weight of her dad’s lavish lifestyle. The only thing keeping it afloat is a deal to host the rest of the Junior Worlds team before they leave for France.

That means training on the same ice as her first crush, Freddie, the partner she left when her growth spurt outpaced his. For the past two years, he’s barely acknowledged her existence, and she can’t even blame him for it.

When the family’s finances take another unexpected hit, losing the rink seems inevitable until her partner, Brayden, suggests they let the world believe what many have suspected: that their intense chemistry isn’t contained to the ice. Fans and sponsors alike take the bait, but keeping up the charade is harder than she ever imagined. And training alongside Freddie makes it worse, especially when pretending with Brayden starts to feel very real.

As the biggest competition of her life draws closer and her family’s legacy hangs in the balance, Adriana is caught between her past and present, between the golden future she’s worked so hard for, and the one she gave up long ago.

My Review:

Ready to enter the ice skating world?

Adriana is just a kid and has a lot stress for leaving in a skating rink. For just a kid she take on far to much, while trying to save the rink. When her old partner shows up, her feelings get all over the place. The only way to get rid of her old crush, is to start fake dating her partner. Things gets way complicated and everyone just out of snyc with other on the ice. Can they pull it together to win the gold?

Finding Her Edge was such a cute read. I so love ice skating books and the drama behind it. This was so adorable and so much fun. Adriana has to remember she just a kid and have to live life. Also she must stop adding pressure to herself and ask for help. Also another I like about the book is the cover. It fits the theme to it perfectly.

Thus book is perfect for ice skating fans, fake dating reads. So make sure you check out Finding Her Edge.

Happy Reading!!!