Anything but Fine by Tobias Madden


Luca is ready to audition for the Australian Ballet School. All it takes to crush his dreams is one missed step . . . and a broken foot.

Jordan is the gorgeous rowing star and school captain of Luca’s new school. Everyone says he’s straight – but Luca’s not so sure . . .

As their unlikely bond grows stronger, Luca starts to wonder: who is he without ballet? And is he setting himself up for another heartbreak?

My Review:

Ready to dance?

Luca is a talented ballerina. His dreams gets taken away from him after breaking his foot. Now force to go to a new school, he end up trying to find himself again. Even it means loosing the one thing he loves to do.

Anything but Fine I really did love. I do love reading any type of dance books. This one was different since the main dancer is a boy. Also I love how breathtaking the cover is. This book has a trigger warning with bullying and racist in it, since Luca gay and getting picked on. Thought it was a realistic book on what goes on with high school drama and dance.

This book is prefect for readers who love dance and slow burn romance. So check out Anything but Fine.

Happy Reading!!!

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