My Dearest Darkest by Kayla Cottingham


Finch Chamberlin is the newest transfer student to the ultra-competitive Ulalume Academy… but she’s also not what she seems. Months before school started, Finch and her parents got into an accident that should have left her dead at the bottom of a river. But something monstrous, and ancient, and terrifying, wouldn’t let her drown. Finch doesn’t know why she woke up after her heart stopped, but since dying she’s felt a constant pull from the school and the surrounding town of Rainwater, like something on the island is calling to her.

Selena St. Clair sees right through Finch, and she knows something is seriously wrong with her. But despite Selena’s suspicion, she feels drawn to Finch and has a sinking feeling that from now on the two will be inexplicably linked to one another.

One night Finch, Selena, and her friends accidentally summon a carnivorous creature of immense power in the depths of the school. It promises to grant every desire the girls have kept locked away in their insecure hearts―beauty, power, adoration―in exchange for a price: human body parts. But as the cost of their wanting becomes more deadly, Finch and Selena must learn to work together to stop the horror they unleashed, before it consumes the entire island.

My Review:

Are you ready to sleep with the lights on?

Welcome to Ulalume Academy. With some strange ghost stories that may be true. The new girl Finch suffers from a tragic in the beginning of book. She looks different from the other girl and also feels different. Somehow she starts hearing voices and might have unleash a spirit. Somehow popular girl, Selena and her friends get involved. They get tempted giving the ghost anything she wants for favors. Can they work together to solve this mystery before it to late?

My Dearest Darkest is a prefect creepy read for horror fans. So many crazy stuff happening in the book with scary twists. I don’t think I be brave enough to give a ghost my nails for good grades. It just crazy how far these girls go to just get what they want. Lucky the main character, Finch has the right to be scare. I like the point of views between Finch and Selena in the book. Even enjoy how the girls interact with other. This book has a slow burn romance, high school drama and some jump scares for readers. Another pretty cover I liked also.

How far would you go to get a favor from a ghost?

Happy Reading!!!

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