Two Truths and a Lie by April Henry


A group of teens are trapped in an old motel with a murderer in this chilling YA mystery by New York Times bestselling author April Henry.

Nell has always wanted to be an actor, but doubts her ability. As a member of her school’s theater program, she prefers working backstage. On the way to a contest, an unexpected blizzard strands her acting troupe in a creepy motel. Soon they meet a group of strangers from another high school—including the mysterious and handsome Knox, who insists they play the game Two Truths and a Lie. When it’s Nell’s turn, she draws a slip of paper inked in unfamiliar handwriting:

I like to watch people die.
I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve killed.

Suddenly a night of harmless fun turns into a matter of life and death. As guests go missing, it becomes clear that a murderer is hiding in their midst ready to strike again. In a room full of liars and performers, the truth is never quite what it seems. Nell is going to have to act like her life depends on it—because it does.

My Review:

Are you ready to play a game?

On their way to a actors competition, a blizzard hits. Everyone gets stuck at this creepy hotel. During their time there, the kids play two Truths and a Lie again. Also they find out some dark secrets about the hotel. When someone find day in the morning, they must discover the killer before it’s to late.

Two Truths and a Lie I liked. It a bit predictable for me, but I read tons of thrillers and mystery. I read a couple April Henry books before and loved them. This one to be kinda of fall flat for me. Some readers might like it better then me. Also I love the cover of the book. The characters within the books are just alright. Did not care much on who was going to die in the book. April Henry books can be suspenseful at times with twists. Will still read any books April Henry writes and new ones.

Despite my review, I still want other people read this book. Other readers might love it. Also if you unsure with my review, check it out from library. Sometimes you have to judge books for yourself not by others. I just write reviews and hope people discover also new books.

Happy Reading!!!

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