{Arc Review} The Girl In the Castle by James Patterson & Kelly Raymond


My name is Hannah Dory and I need you to believe me

NOW: Hannah is brought to Belman Psych, told she is suffering from hallucinations and delusions. Hannah knows the truth: she must return to the past and save her sister. Could Jordan, the abnormal psych student who seems to truly care, be the answer she’s looking for?

1347: Hannah and her village are starving to death in a brutal winter. Hannah seeks out food and salvation in the baron’s castle. If she is caught stealing, she will surely hang. But if she and her friends succeed, she’ll save everyone she holds dear.

NOW: Jordan isn’t sure what to believe, and Hannah has even bigger problems: if she doesn’t make it back, her sister will die, but if she keeps going back, she might never escape.

My Review:

Hannah spent most of all her life in a mental hospital. She claims she has the power to time travel into the pass. Has episodes where she is poor in a village and willing to do anything to save her village. She becomes a thief and a liar to save her family in the past. No one believes her story of time travel, except Jorden. He take an liking to Hannah and willing to try and save her from herself.

The Girl in the Castle was an alright book to me. I was very interested in the summary of the book and it mostly take place in a mental hospital. This read kinda fell flat to me. I did not really like it and some of the characters where annoying in it. Mostly Jordan was getting on my nerves half the time. He just instantly got obsessed saving Hannah. Hardly knew her and it was like love at first sight. Don’t like those type of things.

I may not enjoyed this book, but I’m sure other readers on here might like it better than me. The book comes out September 19th this month. I always say if you unsure reading this book, then check it out at local library.

Happy Reading!!!!

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