Dead Mall by Adam Cesare David Stoll Justin Birch


Shop Til You Drop! The Penn Mills Galleria is about to be demolished. Five teens sneak into the mall to take a last look around before it’s gone. However, while Penn Mills has been closed for years, the mall is far from abandoned. A night of exploration becomes a shopping spree from hell. The teens must contend with the sprawling, transformative cosmic horror of Penn Mills or be trapped forever within the Dead Mall. Adam Cesare is a critically acclaimed horror author and is a leading voice in the emerging genre of contemporary YA horror. Clown in a Cornfield, earned a 2020 Bram Stoker Award nomination, multiple starred reviews, and has been optioned for film.

My Review:

Let’s go to the mall!

I really love Dead Mall. It was very creepy and the art was so realistic. It been ages since I read a good comic book. Adam Cesare is a young adult aurthor that help made it. His Clown in Cornfield books are to die for also. These comic are short and not much to review on, beside great story and art.

Dead Mall 2 recently came out and I managed to met Adam Cesare as a bonus. So enjoy the pictures and go to nearest comic book store.

Happy Reading!!!


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