They’re Watching You by Chelsea Ichaso


When a secret society has you in their sights, it can lead to power, privilege… or death.

It’s been two weeks since Polly St. James went missing. The police, the headmistress of Torrey-Wells Academy, and even her parents have ruled her a runaway. But not Maren, her best friend and roommate. She knows Polly had a secret that she was about to share with Maren before she disappeared― something to do with the elite, ultra-rich crowd at Torrey-Wells.

Then Maren finds an envelope hidden among Polly’s things: an invitation to the Gamemaster’s Society. Do not tell anyone, it says. Maren is certain her classmates in the Society know the truth about what happened to Polly, though it’s no easy feat to join. Once Maren’s made it through the treacherous initiation, she discovers a world she never knew existed within her school, where Society members compete in high-stakes games for unheard-of rewards―Ivy League connections, privileges, favors.

But Maren’s been drawn into a different game: for every win, she’ll receive a clue about Polly. And as Maren keeps winning, she begins to see just how powerful the Society’s game is―bigger and deadlier than she ever imagined. They see, they know, they control. And they kill.

My Review:

Are you ready to join a secret society?

Maren best friend on year disappeared. Everyone thinks she ran away again. Maren thinks she knows something bad happens to her. She got a feeling that Polly was in danger and needed help. Going through her friend suff, she discovers a society her friend joined. Now she must find a way to join and get answers to her friend disappearance.

I liked this mystery book. It was a very quick read and a lot of guessing on what was going on. Even have a crazy twist at the end. Also, another cover I do liked. Chelsea’s books are also quick and fun to read. Some of the characters can be likable in this book. This book is good for those who don’t like to be jump scared of either thrillers/mystery.

If you are ready to join society, then jump right on in to They’re Watching Us.

Happy Reading!!!!


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