The Buired and the Bound by Rochelle Hassan


As the only hedgewitch in Blackthorn, Massachusetts—an uncommonly magical place—Aziza El-Amin has bargained with wood nymphs, rescued palm-sized fairies from house cats, banished flesh-eating shadows from the local park. But when a dark entity awakens in the forest outside of town, eroding the invisible boundary between the human world and fairyland, run-of-the-mill fae mischief turns into outright aggression, and the danger—to herself and others—becomes too great for her to handle alone.

Leo Merritt is no stranger to magical catastrophes. On his sixteenth birthday, a dormant curse kicked in and ripped away all his memories of his true love. A miserable year has passed since then. He’s road-tripped up and down the East Coast looking for a way to get his memories back and hit one dead end after another. He doesn’t even know his true love’s name, but he feels the absence in his life, and it’s haunting.

Desperate for answers, he makes a pact with Aziza: he’ll provide much-needed backup on her nightly patrols, and in exchange, she’ll help him break the curse.

When the creature in the woods sets its sights on them, their survival depends on the aid of a mysterious young necromancer they’re not certain they can trust. But they’ll have to work together to eradicate the new threat and take back their hometown… even if it forces them to uncover deeply buried secrets and make devastating sacrifices.

My Review:

The Buired and the Bound was such a good supernatural book. It was such a fun magical read with three main characters to fall in love with. Also, I was drawn to the pretty cover of this book.

Aziza is a witch. She tries to keep the balance between both worlds. Her grandfather is very protective of her and hiding some family secrets also. I like her in the book she seems fearless and wants to protect all creatures.

Leo is so cute in the book. All he wants to do is break this family curse and find his true love. When he sees Aziza saving people from hounds, he is willing to team up with her to get answers.

Tristan is the mystery bad boy. He bounded himself to a powerful witch. He is ordered to bring Aziza in or else. He is very conflicted with his emotions on doing what is right. He is a big mystery ready to be solved.

This book is told in three points of view. I love reading the characters’ back story. This book was so much and have even cute hell bounds and magical creatures. This is full of twists and turns, and I’m looking forward to a book two. So, looking for a new fantasy series, check out The Buried and the Bound.

Happy Reading!!!!!


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