The Obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto

A classic sort of love story… except somebody might wind up dead.
Nobody knows Delilah like Logan does. Nobody. He makes sure of it by learning everything he can through her social media and watching her through a hidden camera he has trained on her house. Some might call him a stalker. Logan prefers to be called “romantic.”
But after Logan sees Delilah killing her abusive stepfather, he realizes there’s still more about her to discover. His sweet, perfect Delilah isn’t so perfect after all.
Delilah knows she should feel guilty, but all she feels is free. She’s so over the men in her life controlling her. Except Logan saw what she did, and he won’t let her forget it.
Delilah is done being the victim. And she refuses to be a character in Logan’s twisted fantasy. If Logan won’t let her go… she’ll make him.

My Review:

I’m very obsessed with this book!! The book was so tense and very crazy. That’s why I love it so much. Also I love how the cover just draws you in. The main characters are just plain messed up in the head.

You have Logan who was obsessed with another girl before she died. Then he becomes crazy in love with Delilah. He starts stalking her online and set up cameras at her place. Logan caught Delilah killing her abusive stepfather, now he wants to save her. He forces her date him and give him a chance.

Then you have prefect Delilah, never gets in trouble or do drugs. She dealing with abuse by her stepfather who is a cop. Delilah got her furture line up until she could not take the abuse anymore. Little does she know her stalker saw her kill him and force into an unwanted relationship. Will Delilah be able to set herself free from Logan grip?

This is not your typical love story. Delilah and Logan are just crazy and mess up. They both kinda evil on the inside. Sometimes I think they could be both prefect for each. It was a nice quick read. Could read it over and over again. I’m still processing on what I just read also.

Also that ending drove me mad…

Looking for some crazy characters, a little mystery and some twists then book might be for you.

Happy Reading!!!!!

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