You’d Be Home Now by Kathleen Glasgow


For all of Emory’s life she’s been told who she is. In town she’s the rich one–the great-great-granddaughter of the mill’s founder. At school she’s hot Maddie Ward’s younger sister. And at home, she’s the good one, her stoner older brother Joey’s babysitter. Everything was turned on its head, though, when she and Joey were in the car accident that killed Candy MontClaire. The car accident that revealed just how bad Joey’s drug habit was.

Four months later, Emmy’s junior year is starting, Joey is home from rehab, and the entire town of Mill Haven is still reeling from the accident. Everyone’s telling Emmy who she is, but so much has changed, how can she be the same person? Or was she ever that person at all?

Mill Haven wants everyone to live one story, but Emmy’s beginning to see that people are more than they appear. Her brother, who might not be cured, the popular guy who lives next door, and most of all, many ghostie addicts who haunt the edges of the town. People spend so much time telling her who she is–it might be time to decide for herself.

My Review:

What happens when a person you love overdose?

All of Emory’s life she does everything her family has plan out for her. Then one day a accident happens, which changes her out look on life. She suffers from trauma seeing someone died and dealing her knee injury. Emory also dealing trying to hold the family together when her brother comes back home from rehab. There so much one girl can handle on her own.

You’d Be Home Now was such a emotional book. So very realistic book that deals with the problems of drugs abuse. This book may have some trigger warnings for some readers. Kathleen books always so well written and realistic. Her characters always deal with real life issues. This book was so good and looking forward to other books by aurthor. Even the cover is fits the book perfectly. Very quick read and tense at times, you have trouble putting it down.

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