A Year To The Day by Robin Benway


It’s been a year—a year of missing Nina. A year of milestones—holidays, birthdays, everything without her.

Leo feels like she should remember what happened that night. But all she knows is that she left the party and got into a car with Nina and Nina’s boyfriend, East.

East, who once promised Nina he’d watch out for her younger sister. East, who has been trying to keep that promise every day since. But East won’t give Leo the one thing she wants—the one thing she needs. He won’t tell her anything about the accident. He won’t talk about that night at all.

As the days tumble one into the next, Leo’s story comes together while her world falls apart. The only constant is the one person who can help her bear the enormous weight of her love for Nina—and East might be carrying too heavy a load of his own.

My Review:

A Year To The Day deals with grief. This book was very tense from the beginning to the end. When I was a bookstore, I end up reading the first page and was hooked. So the book had to go home with me. It was very different on how it was read at first, but got use to it. Had to finish it in one night to know it will end and was heart broken. I think I will read more books by this aurthor.

I really love East and Leo friendship throughout the book. They had both have to deal with lose of Nina. Since Nina not there anymore they both kinda need each other. East is mostly withdrawn because he remembers every details of the accident. Mostly he shuts himself off from everyone. There is Leo who don’t remember what happen with the accident. She really wants answers so she can have peace. Leo also trying to put on a brave face for her family who is falling a part.

I thought this book did a good job dealing with how to handle grief. You get to see how each person handling on what had happened. I’m so glad I gave this book a chance and a new home on my shelf. So this book was a love for me with the story and the characters. Don’t mind me, I read a lot sad books. I just enjoy books that feel real and have emotions to it at times. This book just came out, so check it out.

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