The Art of Insanity by Christine Webb


High schooler Natalie Cordova has just been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Her mom insists she keep it secret.

Putting up a front and hiding her mental illness from her classmates is going to be the hardest thing Natalie’s ever done. It’s her senior year, and she’s just been selected to present her artwork at a prestigious show. With the stress of performing on her shoulders, it doesn’t help when Natalie notices a boy who makes her heart leap. And then there’s fellow student Ella, who confronts Natalie about her summer car “accident” and pressures her into caring for the world’s ugliest dog. Now Natalie finds herself juggling all kinds of feels and responsibilities. Surely her newly prescribed medication is to blame for the funk she finds herself in. But as Natalie’s plan to self-treat unravels, so does the perfect façade she’s been painting for everyone else.

My Review:

What happens when you must hide who you really are?

Natalie spent her high school life being perfect and having good friends. Then, one day, she gets in an accident, suddenly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Afraid of what her friends and classmates will say, she keeps it a secret. Even her mom wants her pretend everything is alright and not tell a soul. Natalie starts thinking maybe she may not be crazy and starts taking things into her own hands.

The Art of Insanity as you tell with the summary, deals with mental health. I thought this was well written. I was very engrossed with the book and can relate with the main character on what she is going through. It said Natalie’s mother did not know how to handle things and pretended it did not exist. Which was very hard to read at times. There are some trigger warnings with this book. The cover fits the book perfectly. This book is a good read for those dealing with mental illness. So make sure to check it out.


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