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Thanks You my Readers

So I want to thanks everyone for entering my giveaways and reading this blog. The giveaways are now over with. Will mail out the last winner book next week sometime. Maybe next month will hold another giveaway just keep watch out for it. As of right of just been some down time with reviews to rest my eyes. Dealing with hypertension don’t help when your a reader. Been catching up on some anime and tv shows. Have fallen in love with Yuri On Ice anime. Next month will be busy with two signing events in NYC, a local event at my bookstore and Boston teen festival with other bloggers. Just want to thank everyone again my fellow readers who support my blog. Happy Reading! Here a pic of my big tbr, thanks to library books coming in not getting far in it… Plus six library books…

Here some Yuri on Ice picture. 

My co blogger Bella is sleeping now. Most recent pictures I have of her are for upcoming reviews which I can’t spoiler for you guys. Giving Bella a break with this post. Enjoy the pictures!! 

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