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My Fellow Readers

As for my On Dark Throne arc giveaway the winner been chosen. Hopefully hear back from them soon.  I am in shock 105 people has enter that give away. You guys are awesome and thanks for taking time to do it. Please don’t unfollow my facebook page or twitter. You guys don’t have to go because the give away is over. Please stay enjoy the reivew, Bella pictures and discover new books. Then maybe another giveaway down the road. Want to thank my friend Stay for making the giveaway picture and promoting it like crazy. Will be busy this week, have NYC trip Monday, a signing event Wed, and Boston signing event on Saturday. On top of everything try to read 6 books before Thursday. It’s crazy.

Seeing Adam and Patrick for a signing this Wed. Never read their books. Just took an picture at barnes and nobles for fun.

You can follow my ig: Jenneh_Penneh


Here is Bella tired from all the photo shoots she does. Very good co-blogger she is. You can still catch some fun moments behind the photo shoots on my blog facebook page Here Abellafairytale


Please stay enjoy the pictures, new books you never heard of. Will try my best to stay active as much as I can. You know how real life gets in the way. Thanks to those who staying with me in the long run. You guys are awesome readers. Everyday learning something new when I blog. Have a happy Friday! Happy Reading!

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